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So, needless to say, it didn't take us long to realize that Hurricane Harvey had just impacted every single aspect of our lives . My studio had over 18 inches of water, my home, between 4-6 inches. Then, the real kicker came. We learned my husband's business had pretty much washed down the Colorado River. Being a car and trailer salesman , his entire inventory was under water. Ever wandered what it feels like to be hit over the head with a sledge hammer??? But.... we still have each other, our family, and luckily, a very sarcastic sense of humor. So where to begin? Once we had ripped out carpets, baseboards, vanities, cabinets, wet furniture, we started on my studio. Heartbreaking to learn things you worked so hard to save after the flood the year before was no longer salvageable. We needed some sense of order in our lives, so the studio was the first to be repaired. My husband learned his business was pretty much a total loss. Our home had sustained damage, but we were able to save most of our possessions.

Let the rebuilding begin. Where to start.... After many hours of heart to heart talks, we decided to relocate my husbands business to a "better part of town, closer to home". However, after many exhaustive searches, we realized real estate prices had skyrocketed in the areas we looked at. What to do....

One day, after living in close proximity of each other for a few months in our camper, he said " How do you feel about living and working in Grand Teton for the summer?" I am pretty sure I rolled my eyes, thought he was nuts, and said " Sure Honey, why not?"

Before long, we both had resumes and were interviewing for summer seasonal positions. Then, we had both accepted positions with concessionaires within Grand Teton National Park. Yes, there was no backing out now!

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