This hand made book measures 2" x 3" and is hand bound using a coptic stitch. It contains 7 signatures, reslulting in 54 pages.  Pages that are ready to be filled with Your Story! Photos, memories, quotes... It is all your story to write.  

Longhorn Storybook

SKU: 0003

    A Longhorn stamping rests in pooled silver-bearing, lead-free solder over copper on the cover.  The back cover 


    This  small Coptic-bound book hangs on 29" of deer hide lace and base metal chain.  The chain has been embellished with turquoise colored stones and beads.  


    The book itself measures 2" x 3". 


    It opens to reveal seven signatures of

    pages. The book has 54 pages.  



    The book can be securely closed with a deer skin lace.


    It is Coptic bound and lays flat when opened. 




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